Forced By Destiny Chapter 4.2 – By Zali Zenande

Forced By Destiny Chapter 4.2:

Warona’s POV:

My name is Warona Mokoena.I am 20 years old.I am originally from Lesotho but I moved to Rosebank two years ago to study.I am a chubby girl and I feel abit uncomfortable about my weight at times.
People will make you feel ugly just because you’re fat.I am a size 38 in jeans but I got bad luck with small breasts.

When the four girls were brought into the truck,they were unconcious and looked quite young.These men are very cruel.Where are they taking us?The girls finally woke up but cried for hours and hours.I felt so sorry for them and myself.I didn’t have tears in me anymore.I excepted my destiny as it is.I decided to break the ice.

Me:Hey guys.

They focused their attention at me.

Me:I know that we are all scared but can we atleast speak to each other.Its better than crying and wondering what will happen to us.If we make a conversation we might feel a bit better.

They nodded in agreement,altough they were still doubtful.A girl then spoke.

Her:Well uhhhm[sniff]…My name is,my name is Likhona Somwahla and I am 18 years old.These are my friends,well she [pointing at Kile] is my friend Kile also 18 and those two are Katlego and Unathi.

The other one spoke too.

Her:My name is Katlego Mofokeng and thats my friend Unathi Ngwenya.We are all schoolmates.

Me:How did y’all get caught?I mean where were y’all when they found you?

Thandekile also spoke.

Her:Well we all went to a party at some abandoned building so thats where they found us.

Likhona:Anyways whats your name and how did they get you?

Me:Well my name is Warona Mokoena and I am 20 years old.I actually don’t live around here.They got me from Rosebank.

Unathi:How did they catch you?Wasn’t there people around you?

Me:Well I am studying my second year in Rosebank College.So I was at the library the whole day.I only left when it was dark.I then saw that this truck was following me.I tried running but I couldn’t run fast.I suffer from short breath.Plus my weight didn’t do justice to me.So they caught me and shoved me in the truck.

Thandekile:What about these girls?

Me:I don’t know about them and they refuse to talk to me too.

We then started talking.I could tell that the girls didn’t like each other.It was two friends and two enemies but I didn’t want to ask.God please keep your kids safe.They are too young for all this.



The five girls got along very well.Although Warona and Likho seemed like they knew each other for years.They just clicked instantly.They spoke for hours and hours till they eventually fell alseep.Even though it was kind of hard cause the truck’s floor was bumpy,hard and uncomfortable.The others girls decided to keep their distance.They didn’t want to speak to Warona and them.They all closed their eyes but they weren’t sleeping.They were wondering where they’re being taken too.


Thandekile’s POV

I was awoken by the truck stopping.Well I am a light sleeper so its easy for me to wake up.I looked around.They were all sleeping.I regret ever listening to Likhona.Its her fault that we’re here now nxxxa.

Me:[whispering]Guys,guys wake up the truck stopped moving.

They didn’t hear me.I then had to shake each one of them so that they can wake up.Warona is one heavy sleeper,she won’t budge.It took alot of shaking to wake her.

Warona:[annoyed]Whaaattt?!I hate being woken up.

Me:Sorry I just wanted to tell y’all that the truck has stopped moving.

Likhona:Sssshhh someone’s opening the truck.

We all kept quiet and focused on the door opening.It was two men.

Man1:Rise and shine ladies.

Katlego:Please take us home.I am begging you,just let us go we won’t tell anyone about this.

Me:Yes yes Katlego is right.We’ll consider this to be a bad dream.

Man2:[shouting]Okay just shut up!!No one is leaving this truck till we arrive at our destination.

Likhona:Where are you taking us?

Man2:To your new home baby.

Unathi:Wha…what new home??I only have one home.

Man1:You’re so stupid you know.That isn’t your home anymore.You’re never gonna see or hear of that place ever again.We’re going somewhere far.

Katlego:But we’re hungry and thirsty.We need food.

Man1:[throwing them each a water bottle and half a loaf of brown bread]You’ll eat this.Don’t finish it up quickly cause we only bringing you food once a day.

Warona:Once a day??Are you mad?!Like this isn’t food.Why is your bread so hard?This is totally unfair.

Man2:Life is unfair baby.Wait and watch what will soon happen to y’all.

What did he mean by that?What are they going to do with us??

Likhona:I need to use the toilet so can I please go out and pee?

Man2:No.Nobody is going out.If you want to piss don’t stress we got buckets made just for y’all.

Unathi:Haai ngeke.Thats disgusting. Where will the buckets be placed?

Man1:Next to you my darling.It’s your shit anyway.

Me:Anyways where are you taking us?? Where are we going??

Man2:Somewhere far away from here.

Man1:Yes,we’re going to Nigeria.


Lord this is not happening…

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