Forced By Destiny Chapter 4.1 – By Zali Zenande

Forced By Destiny Chapter 4.1 – By Zali Zenande:

Thandekile’s POV

Well I did ask my parents and they agreed.I said that I’ll be sleeping over at Likho’s to study.The person I’m worried about is my grandma.She’s been following me around all morning.She doesn’t want me to go.She also has “a bad feeling” about this.

Me:Makhulu ndiyahamba mna(Grandma I am going).Nothing wrong will happen.

Gran:Thandekile mntanam suhamba mamela mntana ndin. (Thandekile my child listen don’t go).

I just decided to ignore her.I finally got dressed.I wore my light blue ripped jeans,a long basketball T-shirt,white Nike 270 sneakers and a denim jacket.I also took my fenty pack,lip gloss and some money.
When I went out the door,I felt like I was leaving the house forever.I felt like I won’t see this place again.I stood by the door and looked at my granny,she wanted to cry.She kept on begging me to stay.I just walked away.I felt my heart break.I just hope I won’t regret going to this party.


Katlego’s POV

Finally its the day of the party.Its been a while since I’ve turned up and let loose.I took my time to get ready today,I need to look WOW.Phela we won’t know if this is my last party.I finally got done ‘titivating’ myself.Damn I look hot!

I was dressed in my denim shorts,fishnets,Versace shirt that almost covers my shorts,a Casio watch,Dr Martin boots,Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses,denim jacket and a gucci backpack for my money and make up.My mom then entered the house.

Mom:Wow you lookeded so beautically daughter for mine.Oya kae?(Wow you look beautful my daughter.Where you going?)

Me.Thanks ma.Well keya partying le di chommie tsaka(I am going to a party with my friends).

Mom:Otlo gotla ne neng hae?(When will you get back home?)

Me:Hosane buisung(tomorrow night)

Mom:Ha.a ha hoye mo.Sala kantlong(No you’re not going there.Sit in the house).

Me:Mme kea ho kopa(Mom I beg you)

Mom:Okay mphe chelete pele(give me money first)

Yeah neh mom and money.But I need to go to this party so I have no choice but to give her the money.

Me:[giving her R300] Nka heh.(take then)

Mom:[excited] kea leboha ngwanaka.Oka tsamaya empa u khutle kapele(Thank you my child.You can go but come back soon).

After that last statement I felt emotional.My mom may be a drunkard but I love her.She’s my only family.I don’t know why I am feeling this way right now.

Me:Mme ke ho rata haholo(Mom I love you alot).

Mom:[smiling]I love you too ngwanaka.

I then walked away.Something told me to look back one last time. I did. My mom was waving while smiling at me. Heavens why am I feeling this way?

Likhona’s POV

Today is the day I’m finally gonna spend time with my Tuja.I can’t wait.I was ironing my plain light blue jeans while listening to Charlie Puth ft Wiz Khalifa “See You Again” the lyrics spoke to me.

“Its been a long day without you my friend

And I’ll tell all you about it when I see you again.

We’ve come a long way from where we began

Ohh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again


I felt like crying.I thought about all the stuff I did with my mom.I thought about our good days;when we ate leftover KFC from which her boss gave to her.I was so excited just to eat leftovers.I thought about our tough times.When we used to sleep hungry,when my mom used to cook me pap and sliced salted tomatoes.There was only enough for me alone but I still shared it with her.

I remembered when I was in grade 3 and I wore old school shoes that my mom found in the veld.Kids at school made fun of me because the shoes were a bit burnt and big too.My mom and I have been through alot.We suffered alot and I go to school just for me to get a job and make my mom live like a queen.I pray every night that God keeps her well till she lives in a mansion that I’ll soon buy her.

I quickly composed myself and got dressed.I was just wearing simple jeans,a fake Nike t-shirt and Tomy tekkies.I then took my backpack and went out of the door.When I locked the door I heard something breaking inside.

When I got in and checked,it was the only photo thats framed of me and my mom.It broke.My mom loved that photo.It was a resemblence of our love and togatherness.I picked up the pieces and I got poked by the broken glass.The blood spilled on my side of the photo.Weird eyy.

Anyways I threw the glass in the bin and locked the door.PARTY HERE I COME!!!

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