Forced By Destiny Chapter 3 – By Zali Zenande

Forced By Destiny Chapter 3 – By Zali Zenande

Katlego’s POV

I hated remising all that happened in the past.It brings back alot of bad memories.While I was lost in my thoughts,Mr Mazibuko roughly shook me.

MrM:Kwenzakalani nawe?(whats up with you?)I’ve been calling you for a long time now.

Me:Naah.Its nothing,I was just thinking about my mom you know.Can I please have the money I need to go.

MrM:Well can we atleast have one last steamy round the car?

Ohh no.This is not happening.Its enough that I smell like him,I can’t sleep with him again.

Me:Errrr,uhhm no actually I really need to go home and get some rest.Besides I’m still tired from our previous rounds.[faked a laugh]

MrM:[laughing]I jus knew that my sex game wasn’t weak.[searching his pockets]Well since you’ve been a great girl tonight here’s R1500.You deserve it.

Wow thats alot of money for just one night.I usually get R500 a night.I guess today is my lucky day.I then walked out of the car then said my goodbyes to MrM and quickly ran home.When I got to the door,it was locked from inside which meant mommy dearest was home.I then knocked.Suprisingly she opened on the second knock.

Mom:U ne u lekae?(Where were you?)

Wtf?!She’s sober.Its been a while since I’ve seen her like this.

Me:Uhhm… ke ne ke le chomming yaka(I was at my friend’s).

Mom:What you making there this time of night?(What were you doing there late at night?)

Lord my mom loves speaking English.If the creator of the language heard her right now,he would’ve died of a heart attack.

Me:O mpoleletse hore ke ilo lata masalla ho baahisane(You told me to go and get leftovers from the neighbours).

Mom:But you don’t have friends ko nextdoor.

Me:Mme ke batla ho robala hona jwale.Re tla buwa hoseng(I want to sleep right now.We’ll speak in the morning).

I then slightly pushed her away from the door.Got into the house,quickly made my bed then slept.I hope she won’t raise this topic in the morning.


Likhona’s POV

Its morning again.Surprisingly I woke up quite early.I quickly bathed then got ready for school.Locked the door then went to catch a taxi.When I got to school I went to greet Uncle Paul,he was so shocked to see me on time for school.He even gave me a R20 to congratulate me.

When I was walking to class,I saw a huge crowd at the grounds.What going on now?Is it a fight?I then spotted Thandekile amongst the crowded so I went to stand next to her.

Me:And then,zikhiphani?(whats going on?)

Kile:Well Katlego and Tuja summoned us here.

Me:And you came?Wow thats a first.

Tuja then starting shushing the crowd.Once we were all settled he spoke.

Tuja:Well ladies le lona ma gents(ladies and you too gents).Saturday ke nali chillas ko plekeng yadi underground VIP(I have a party at a underground VIP location).

Katlego:Yes and y’all are all invited.Just bring your booze,money,hookah pipes and everything else that you’ll need.

Tuja:I hope y’all all will make it[looking at me]I’ll be very disappointed if you don’t make it.Okay guys see y’all on Saturday.Zizokhipa ngempela(Its really going to go down).

Wait what??Was he talking about me?Does he want me to also come?OMG,OMG I’m gonna collapse right here on the spot.He wants me to make it.Awww so cute.Well Tumelo my love uDali wakho uyeza(your darling is coming).

We finally got to class.Mrs Mazibuko was absent.She’s forever absent nowadays and when she’s here,she looks so depressed like Mr Mazibuko doesn’t give her enough dick.LOL.Anyways Kile and I need to discuss outfits.

Me:So what you gonna wear?Like Tuja wants me there babe.

Kile:Are we going?I have a bad feeling about this.Anyways Tuja will be all over Katlego to even notice you.

Me:Haibo Kile ofcourse we’re going.And I know that he wants me there.So what you wearing?

Kile:Well I’ll come with you.But I have a feeling that something bad is gonna happen.We’ll choose our outfits over the phone on Friday.

Its about to get down!!I can’t wait for Saturday.Like Tumelo,I can already imagine myself in his arms.Ohh I also need to convince my mom now.Shit.

The week went by fast.Everyone was excited about the party.Like even kids from other schools are coming.I now need to convince my mom.We just finished eating umphokoqo namasi.And Action!!!…

Me:Mama I need to ask you something.

Mom:Yintoni?(Whats that?)

Me:Bendicela ukuyolala kwaThandekile ngomso?(Can I please sleepover at Thandekile’s place tomorrow?)

Mom:Uzobuya nini and ndizaphekelwa ngubani?(When are you coming back and who’ll cook for me?)


Me:Ndizobuya ngecawe emva kwemini.Ndizohamba ndiphekile ke(I’ll be back Sunday afternoon.I’ll leave after cooking).

Mom:Ndiyadlala ungahamba.Ndizaziphekela(I am joking you can go.I’ll cook myself).Be safe okay.

Me:Thanks mama and I’ll be super cautious.

Yesssss I am going.Thank God.I hope Thandekile handled things fine on her side.I can’t even sleep because of all this excitement

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