Forced By Destiny Chapter 2 – By Zali Zenande

Forced By Destiny Chapter 2 – By Zali Zenande:

Likhona’s POV

I just carried on walking till I arrived next to my mom.

Mom:Why did u take long?Kunini ndilindile(how long have I been waiting)

Me:Sorry ma.Lets go home we still need to buy something to cook.

I wasn’t going to tell my mom that the Scrapdealer wanted me to sleep with him for money.She was going to make a big deal out of it.Anyway I sorted him out myself.We walked to the spaza shop in our neighbourhood.I wonder what will be buy for just a R100.This life at times.We finally got into the shop.

Mom:What must we buy?Ngoba le mali incinci(Because this money is little)

Me:Lets buy this Spekko 2,5kg rice,Tin Fish,Rajah spices,salt,mintestrone soup,tomatoes and onions.I also want cooldrink kuyachisa(its hot).

Mom:I wonder izakonela na imali(I wonder if the money will be enough).

We took the stuff and went to pay at the till.All along I was praying that the money is enough to buy everything.Then Imran the shopkeeper spoke.

Imran:R110 mama.

Eish no.The money had to be short.God why don’t you make me happy for once huh?

Mom:Eish I only have R100 Imran.I’ll pay you your R10 tomorrow.

Me:Hayi mama(No mom).I will put the cooldrink away.Anyway water is more healthy[I faked a smile].

I then went to put the cooldrink bac in the fridge.We payed and then walked back home.I immediately started cooking for us.Meanwhile my mom was watching Skeem Saam.When I was done cooking I dished up for us and took two buckets from outside for us to use them as chairs.We then blessed the food and ate while making small talk here and there.After eating I washed the dishes and swept the floor.
I need to put my mattress on the floor.We do have a bed but I prefer sleeping on the floor.I don’t want my mom to sleep uncomfortable.When we were in bed with the lights switched off I took out my Vodafone and checked if I have data left.Eish I don’t have data.I now had to borrow R5 from MTN.I made data and I greeted Thandekile on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Convo>>>

Me: Heyyyy Bisshhhha🙃

Kile: Heyy💕 and where were you? I’ve sent u so many messages.

Me: Eish babe😩 I didn’t have data and I just made an extra time loan right now.What did you have for dinner?😋

Kile: Argghhh today we had Sunday kos.Can you believe it😂🤦🏽‍♀️ Sunday kos on a Monday.And you?
[Sunday kos:Rice,meat,veggies and salads]

Me:Well I had rice and tin fish.

Kile: Yohh I hate tin fish yazi.How do people survive eating it? I mean the smell is horrible🤢🤮.

Ouch.Okay I felt a bit offended at that statement.But I know that she always speaks her mind.She means no harm.

Me:😅😅 well I survived babe.Anyways good night its late.I always wake up late because I sleep late.From today onwards I want to try sleeping early.
Kile:Okay babe.Thats a good idea yazi😂 Good Night Bisshhhh



Thandekile’s POV
Well as you all know my name is Thandekile Mbhele and I am Likhona’s best friend.We’ve been friends for 2 years now.We met when we were in grade 8.Well let me describe myself.I am a size 30,I do have a bit of a mkhaba(pot belly) but its not visible.Its only visible after I finish eating a huge meal.I am caramel in complexion.
Well I live in a suburb in Vereeniging.I live in a bond house of 3 bedrooms a bathroom,toilet,kitchen and a lounge.I live with my mom,dad and grandma.I can say that I am looked after mostly by my grandma cause my parents are bearly home.My mom is a nurse at Kopanong hospital which is always busy and my dad is a truck driver.He’s home once a week.


Katlego’s POV

Well as I said earlier on,I did keep my word and went to meet one of my sugar daddies.We went to some B&B in town.I can’t wait to get home and bath.I can still hear his moans and loud groans ringing in my head.It was disgusting to have a man my dad’s age all over me licking every inch of my body.
I couldn’t wait for it to end and unfortunately I jad to pretend that I’m enjoying or else he might just deduct the money.We were done after 3 whole hours,we went back to my neighbourhood.We were parked down my street in his X Class.It was late at night so no one will spot me.

Me:Okay Ntate Mazibuko(Mr Mazibuko) can I please have my money.I did to go,my mom must be worried sick.

MrM:Stop calling me Ntate you’re making me sound old.Call me John.And we both know your mom must be passed out at some tarven right now.

Eish my mom and her drinking neh.I just hope she’s home safely.I can’t go and fetch her at the tarven right now.Those men there will try taking advantage of me.I remember what happened 6 years ago.I was gang raped by 3 drunk men from the same tarven.Well I was going to fetch my mom,she was passed out.


Me:Mme,mme tsoha tsoha.(Mom,mom wake up,wake up)

While shaking her,I heard footsteps behind me.I then started shaking my mother harder this time while slapping her cheeks.But it didn’t work.I then was grabbed from behind.I didn’t see who they were.I then tried screaming for my mom for one last time hoping for a miracle.

Me: Mama!!!!Tsoha hle mme!!(Mom!!!Please wake up)

But this no luck.Instead I was met by a cold big hand over my mouth shutting me up.He then spoke.

Guy1:Thula wena sfebe sa ngwana.Oe tshwanela le mme wa hao wao tawa.(Shut up you bxtch.You’re just the same as your drunkard mother)

I tried kicking and screaming but I was no match for his strength.I then resorted to biting his hand and kicking him the the groin.I then ran without looking back.I ran to a nearby bush hoping they won’t find me.I then felt someone pulling me by my leg.
When I looked back I saw three shadows.I then regretted ever going to fetch my mom.I screamed and screamed but nothing happen.Instead they ripped my dress off.

Guy1:Did you think you can run away from me huh?Well now your punishment is three times harsher.

Guy2:Pakisa monna.Re batla ho chencha le yena(Make fast man.We also want turns with her).

I couldn’t believe it.I was being gang raped at the age of 12.I had no screams anymore.I felt weak,I had no one to come and save me.The three men did indeed have their way with me.
After that,they left me there to die.I just layed there helplessly.My clothes were torn and bloody.I couldn’t feel my legs.I was beyond broken.

From that day onwards I felt dirty.I felt like I deserved to be raped that way.Maybe it was destiny indicating that I’ll sell my body for money someday.And here I am now. Sleeping with older men for money.The power of destiny eyy.My mom didn’t find out about it.Instead we just when for HIV and AIDS testing.I lied and said it was needed at school.But luckily I came out clean from all sexually transmitted diseases.

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