Forced By Destiny Chapter 1- By Zali Zenande

Forced By Destiny Chapter 1


Likhona’s POV
I arrived at school 10mins late and the gate was already locked. I walked towards the gate and great just great, our school cleaner Uncle Paul was at the gate. He’s one grumpy old man and now I need to beg him to open for me.

Me: Uncle Paul please open the gate for me.
Uncle Paul: Wena you are always late for school. Why don’t you wake up early like the rest of the children?

Okay, he’s wasting my time and also pissing me off.

Me: Asking hle uncle Paul(Sorry uncle Paul). Please just open for me, you know how Mr Kekana will react.

Mr Kekana was our school principal. He’s very strict about late attendance.

Uncle Paul: Okay I’ll open up for you but mara this is your last time being late. Also don’t go to the office, run straight to your first period. The teachers are still in a staff meeting.
Me:[Sighs]Yohh today isn’t a bad Monday after all. Thank you, uncle, Paul and tomorrow I’ll make sure I’ll wake up early.I’ll even be the first to arrive at school.
Uncle Paul: As if I’ll believe you.

We both laughed.I then quickly ran to class.Where is my first period again?Ohh Life Orientation.
When I got to class everyone looked at me.I looked around and spotted my BFF Thandekile.I smiled and went to my seat.Thandekile sits in front of me or next to me in every class.I finally sat down and let out a large sigh.

Thandekile: Haibo girl kutheni uthanda uku fika late eskolweni na wena?(Why do you like arriving late at school?)
Me:Eish Kile please not now.Atleast I arrived safely at school.Better late than never. You also know that I fail to wake up on time, even my alarm is useless.
Kile: Yoh Likho you should try being serious. Next year is our big year.You can’t afford to come late even next year, the teachers will give you bad reviews.
Me: Yohh haai nawe Thandekile uyathanda ukuzikhataza(Yoh Thandekile you like worrying yourself).I got this Matric ish in the bag.

While we were still updating each other about our weekend, my sworn enemy Katlego and her minions came to my desk.Thandekile gave me the ‘don’t entertain her’ look and I nodded in agreement.

Katlego: Well well well if it isn’t the two weirdos of the class, uGundi no Mazwi.

Her group started laughing. Thandekile just rolled her eyes and gave a an annoyed look.

Me: Ufunani Katlego?(What do you want Katlego?)Its a Monday morning and I am in no mood to entertain you nxxa.

One of her dumb minions decided to speak. Her name is Unathi.

Unathi: Just shut up wena ka Afro e ditsila(You just shut up with your dirty afro).Why don’t you go to the salon?[touching my shirt]Did you even iron your shirt?Sheba e pepesitwe jwang(Look at how creased it is).

The whole class laughed.I felt so embarrassed because I didn’t have time to iron my uniform. My afro isn’t ugly though.It’s just that it isn’t maintained properly. Thandekile then spoke.

Kile:[pointing at Unathi’s weave]Wena uyazibona ukuba unjani nge wig egugileyo apha(Can you even see yourself with your old wig).

Before Unathi was about to reply, Mrs Oslar entered the class.Katlego then clicked her tongoue while giving us a dirty look and walked to her seat.Thank God,Mrs Oslar can in the nick of time and saved us.

Kile: Yazi I hate Katlego and Unathi.They always make fun of us and wena awubathethisi uyathula qhaa(You know I hate Katlego and Unathi.They always make fun of us and you don’t even shout at them,you just keep quiet).
Me:Its not that wethu.I just don’t want drama.Plus you know that I can’t fight so I don’t want to get beaten up at school tjoo.

The school bell rang indicating its break time.

Me:Finally we’re out of the class.Lets go to the school ground under our spot.

We walked and sat under a huge tree.

Kile:[taking out her lunchbox]Let’s eat keh.I know that you don’t have lunch.
Me:Plus I was starving yoh.Thank you babe you’re a life saver.

We ate our brown bread sandwiches filled with french palony and rama.We ate while watching the boys play soccer.Its blazing hot but they still run around chasing a ball in this heat.

Kile:Look at Katlego and Tuja at the goalpost.

I saw them.I can’t believe Katlego.She knew that I liked him yet she went and dated him.Anyways he wouldn’t date an ugly betty like me.

Me: Arghh bayeke wethu.Andinandaba nabo mna(Arghh just leave them.I don’t care about them).
Kile: Your crush neh.Haai boys sometimes[she clapped her hands once].
Me: Anyways he wouldn’t date someone like me. Look at Katlego she’s a yellowbone,she has a body,she also has an iPhone and always wears nice weaves.She’s basically the “it girl”.
Kile: Okusalayo you’re beautiful in your own way. Not all guys want all that.
Me: Well I guess Tuja does. Anyways books before boys right?
Kile: Mhhm.

We then ate our sandwiches in complete silent. Just listening to the noise everyone was making and also the cool breeze blowing. The day was a drag and finally, the school bell rang indicating its Home Time. I said my goodbyes to Thandekile and took a taxi home. I need to cook and clean before my mom gets back. When I got home I switched on the TV and tuned into Channel O.Music helps me clean faster. When I was done I looked for something to cook. But there was nothing.I then called my mom and told her about the food. She said she’s entering the yard now…


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