After rebirth, he married his childhood sweetheart chapter 1

Chapter 1 Ten-year-old Primary School and Childhood

In the evening, two little people with bags and red scarves walked home from school.

The little girl was about seven or eight years old. She wore a pigtail and was carved like a porcelain doll.

The boy was half a head tall, and he was also handsome. He was holding hands with the little girl. They were really a pair of golden pairs.

"Brother Fei, did you prepare a birthday present for me today?"

The girl's voice was soft, tender and sweet.

The boy tilted his head and looked at the girl. His grave eyes flashed with a mature and gentle expression that was not consistent with his age.


"I can't guess. Brother, just tell me!"

The girl shook her hand and acted cutely.

Ye Fei smiled dotingly." You'll know later. Now if I said that you won't be surprised. You'll definitely like it anyway."

"Alright then I'll be angry if I don't like it."

The girl puffed up her little face and stared at him cutely.

"Okay, okay."

Ye Fei smiled as he looked at the distant red sun. His heart was filled with happiness and longing.

It had been a week since he was reborn. He had accepted this fact and thanked the heavens for giving him such a chance.

The girl beside him was called Xia Yuchan. She was his childhood sweetheart.

In his previous life, Ye Fei had always treated her like a sister, and Xia Yuchan had been silently accompanying him throughout his short life of twenty-seven years.

Ye Fei failed the college entrance exam was.It was because of Xia Yuchan encouraged him to repeat his studies for a year. She accompanied him to study hard every day and was admitted to the ideal university together.

When he was disappointed in college, it was Xia Yuchan who accompanied him to get drunk. When he was sick, it was also Xia Yuchan who took care of him carefully.

After graduation, his work was not smooth. When he was in a big city, it was also Xia Yuchan who bought food for him and secretly asked the landlord to pay  the rent for him.

In the end, there was a problem with his relationship with his current girlfriend. Coupled with the pressure of his work, he was completely muddled. He was in a car accident while walking on the road.

The good-hearted passer-by made an emergency call and then picked up his phone to call the people he had often contacted during the recent call.

When his life was in danger, Xia Yuchan's panicked and helpless expression appeared in his eyes. Then, she cried hysterically.

He wanted to reach out and wipe her tears, but the rapid passage of life left him without the strength to lift his hand.

"Thank you...Yes, I'm sorry. Take good care of yourself ……"

Ye Fei's lips moved slightly as he silently left behind his last words.

"No——No, I don't want you to die...No, wuwu...I like you, Brother Fei. I've always liked you. I want to marry you for the rest of my life. We'll be together forever. Don't leave me alone. Please don't leave me alone ……"

Xia Yuchan cicadas pounced on him and wept, begging, saying the emotions she had been hiding in her heart.

In his mind, the memories of the twenty-year-old Xia Yufhan flashed past like a movie.

Ye Fei realized that the person who really deserved to be loved was close to him.

At the last moment when his consciousness dissipated, he remembered a classic movie line.

There was a period of sincere love in front of me. I didn't cherish it properly. If God could give me a chance to do it again, I would definitely...

Then, he was actually reborn. When he was ten years old, he became a honorable elementary school student..


Today was April 25th, the tenth day of Ye Fei's rebirth. It was also Xia Yuchan's eighth birthday.

Ye Fei's father, Ye Weiguo, and Xia Yuchan's father were young. Both of them had attended elementary school, middle school, and high school together. They had been friends for many years.

The two families lived on the opposite side. Normally, they were like a family. This was also why Ye Fei treated Xia Yuchan cicada as his sister in his previous life and did not consider other reasons.

At this moment, at Xia Yuchan's house, her mother, Chen Hong, was busy making a table of good dishes. Two middle-aged men sat in the living room and chatted about chess.

Among them, the one with a rough appearance was Ye Fei's father, Ye Weiguo. As for his mother, Ye Fei's only impression came from a few photos that she had left behind because his mother had been gone since he was his informant.

It was said that she had fallen ill when he was born.

Because Ye Weiguo graduated from high school and joined the army, he was transferred to the the frontier garrison to stay away from home for a long time. His strong-minded mother hid her illness and brought him too tired and her body finally gradually collapsed.

After Ye Fei's mother was hospitalized, Ye Weiguo learned about her wife's condition. He left the army despite his wife's dissuasion and went home to take care of her and Ye Fei. However, Ye Fei's mother was too weak. In the end, she still couldn't walk down the operating table.

After Ye Fei graduated from university, he learned about this from the drunk Ye Weiguo. Previously, Ye Weiguo had told him that his mother had died of a heart attack.

Ye Weiguo had always blamed himself for his wife's death. He had never looked for him before Ye Fei died in the car accident.

Another elegant-looking middle-aged man with glasses was Xia Wenhua, Xia Yucan's father. He was a rare college student in the 1980s and was currently in the municipal education bureau.
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