Baby Hostages So Cute Ch0


Without realizing, Elaine made a silly childish noise.

The first thing she noticed was a familiar yet unforgettable ceiling. Looking at it with puzzled eyes, she screamed.

“Where the hell am I? Ugh!”

Elaine rolled off her bed and landed on a nearby seat with a loud “Thump!”


Elaine jumped out of her place and fell to the ground after being caught in a blanket around her feet.

The back of her head was tingling, but she had no time to check on it.

She ran towards the corner mirror and took a quick glance at herself.

She slowly reached towards the mirror to place her small palms onto it. Her eyes fixated on the petite figure in the mirror.

A small body, close to the size of a triceps of a grown man.

Her small mouth and cute cheeks were shaking because of her unacceptable situation.

Elanie reached out to pinch her cheeks which were wet because of tears.

“What’s happening? I can’t believe I’m back!”

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