A Villian For the Tyrant Ch1

‘I’m not leaving.’

A beautiful giant white castle can be viewed from the of a carriage’s window. Cecil gnashed her teeth as she glared at the castle.

The maids sitting across her were flustered from her reaction, but how would she know? Cecil was so angry that she wouldn’t even give them a single glance.

Cecil looked at her outfit. A delicately woven lace veil A snowy white dress so silky that it would seem it would slip down if she raised her arms. At the hem of the of her dress are beaded with countless sparkling bright pearls.

Yes. What Cecil is wearing now is a wedding dress.

Today, Cecil is getting married. But she wasn’t in the least happy at all. The closer she got to the castle, the more she felt dizzy.

As Cecil’s carriage entered the castle gate, the band that was waiting for her started playing music.

They played such beautiful music, but Cecil‘s ear couldn’t hear the song.

‘If I go inside….

She’s dead.

As soon as she thought of that, Cecil’s face turned even paler.

“Save me…”

She muttered unconsciously.

But the maids sitting across her didn’t understand what she was talking about. Instead, they just nodded their head with a sullen look as if they understood and said,

“If you run away, we’ll die.”


No, Where can I get some comfort?

Cecil gritted her teeth once again as she glared at the bouquet she was holding. The reason why she’s acting like this on the supposed happiest day of her life was simple.

‘Why should I marry the Emperor?!‘

There’s a big issue with her husband.

Emperor Estian, Cecil’s groom today.

The problem is…… he is the worst crazy tyrant on this continent. No one would be surprised if he kills the bride today.

‘How did this happen…’

Cecil recalled what had happened a month ago.


Cecil is the illegitimate daughter of King Navidan. A child born between the king and a maid from a drunken one-night stand.

She held the most distinctive features of the Navidan family, beautiful platinum blonde hair with green emerald eyes. When Cecil was born, the king had no choice but to admit that she was his child.

But Cecil was raised without any love or affection.

Her mother, who was a maid, left the world shortly after Cecil was born, and then Cecil was sent to the annex in the corner of the palace and was raised there.

Although she received minimal education as a princess, she’s at the same level as a maid compared to the other princesses in the main palace. However, Cecil didn’t feel any unjust.

‘What made me got recognized as a princess?’

If she wasn’t recognized, she’d have been thrown out of the palace by the time she was a toddler.

In a way, it was a comfortable life.

There was no king calling her, and if she spends her time in the villa, that’s about it. A life of eating, sleeping, and playing without having to work.

It’s better to repeat the same day over and over again than to suffer for a long time.

Cecil occasionally ran with flowers in hand to bring them to her mother’s grave in the corner of the annex.

Mother, am I going to continue living like this until the day I’ll get sold to remarry an old, rich, military aristocrat too?

Since she cannot go outside freely, all her knowledge about the world came from books mostly brought to her by the palace maids.

“That’s what’s written in the books.”

If her mother was alive, she would have slapped her back and said

‘That’s because those are romance novels!’

But the dead did not speak, and Cecil continued to mutter.

“But this is not a book, her marriage partner who was she was forced to marry was actually a cold Grand Duke who looked only at his wife, and he was very handsome. But I don’t think the same thing will happen… “

In fact, from reading the books that maids had sent, she knew what would become of a princess like her.

Although she’s the king’s bastard child and not a cherished royal, she still has all the characteristics of the royal family. It is a very good thing for the king to sell her out without guilt.

If she were ugly, she would be relieved.

Cecil held onto the mirror and cried.

“You’re so beautiful!”

In Cecil’s view, she was pretty in the mirror. Red rosy lips. Green eyes, long arms and legs reminiscent of summer forests.

‘I will sell for a high price.’

Why am I a princess when I am so beautiful?

Cecil was annoyed every time she saw herself in the mirror. It’s not like she really wants to be ugly.

It was a slow passing day. One day, all of a sudden, the servants came into the palace.

“You want me to come right now? Wa, wait! Let go of me!”

The king was looking for Cecil, and the servants almost dragged her away,

“Why are you doing this!”

“You’ll find out. It’s a good thing.”

Why can’t you look me in the eye when you say it’s a good thing?

I’m sure that it’s different. As soon as she met her father, King Navidan, for the first time, he started to utter non-sense.

“Congratulations. Your marriage has been decided!”

“….. It’s good to meet you for the first time, Father.”

Cecil bowed politely to the King of Navidan, who acts friendly towards her as if he met his daughter already yesterday.

He’s her father that she only got to meet 20 years after her birth, however, she felt no joy nor affection for him.

Her father totally had no resemblance to her except for her blonde hair and green eyes. Perhaps her mother, whom she has never seen before, had exquisite beauty.

“But what do you about my marriage?”

“Yes. I’ve been heartbroken ever since I knew you were not married yet despite being well past marriageable age…”

“Oh, sure you’ve been.”

“What did you say?”

“It’s nothing, continue with your words.”

“Hmm, anyways, I’ve been looking into your marriage for a while, and I’ve received a very good marriage proposal.”

Who in the world sent a marriage proposal to him for the king to make such a big deal out of it?

Cecil waited for his words, thinking that she would not be surprised by whose name would pop out of his mouth.

“Your partner is surprisingly…”


“Emperor Estian!”


Even with her heart’s preparation, after the name sprang out of the king’s mouth, Cecil let out a scream.

What? Emperor of Estian?

“Hahaha, you must like him so much for you to squeal!”

“N-n-no. Wa-wait a minute!”

“You must be so thrilled if you’re stuttering like that. This is good news. Prepare yourself for your departure to the Empire…”

“Are you crazy? I’d rather you kill me here right now!”

Cecil yelled at the king’s remark now that she knows.

She had prepared her heart to be sold as a proper noble wife. But she hadn’t prepared it for this.

Who is Emperor Estian? Well, he’s only known to be the most insane man and the greatest tyrant to ever walk on this continent

At the age of sixteen, he became the emperor, and as soon as he was crowned, he personally cut the necks of his relatives, even though they’re his own remaining family.

The crime was treason. Everyone’s breath was taken away by the emperor’s actions who hung the severed heads at the entrance of the palace as if to display the necks he had cut himself.

A vassal courageously condemned him for the crime of violating filial piety.

But the emperor did not forget the look in his eyes and ordered him and his family to be imprisoned.

〈You wouldn’t have said that if you had eaten the poison I had. That’s why I had it prepared, I’ve given the same poison to your eldest son.〉

His servant’s face turned blue at his words.

〈What’s with that face? It seems like you understand just how excruciatingly painful this poison is.〉

〈Ki…King. I… 〉

Meanwhile, his eldest son who was twisting in agony earlier, had blood coming out of every orifice of his body and had died. The emperor threw a sword and a poisoned bottle at his second son and said,

〈Choose. Kill your father and you’ll live, but if you don’t, you’ll drink the poison.〉

His second son took a glimpsed at his dead brother and immediately picked up the sword. And stabbed his trembling father.

After the second son stabbed him, his father crawled on the floor. The emperor muttered indifferently after witnessing it.

<It looks like he’s still breathing>

<Your Majesty, that’s……..>

<Isn’t it OK to die knowing the power of the poison I ordered?〉

Only then did people realize that the crawling vassals were the one who had aimed after the emperor’s life.

Since then, those who cursed the emperor have disappeared. After being crowned, the emperor began to go mad like crazy. As if all the nations of the world were his enemies

So 10 years later, there was no country under him that would not kneel before his presence anymore. Of course, the kingdom of Navidan was like that too. But why? why?

“Why? Why on earth would Emperor Estian ask for a wife in such a small country…?

Cecil couldn’t understand. Apart from the Navidan country, the countries where he could get a wife were scattered across the continent. But why this kingdom?

“Small country you say! Navidan is definitely strong…”

“Ok, that’s enough. Why did he send one?!”

The king, pressed by Cecil’s shouting, stammered and replied,

“Well, that’s…”

The king showed Cecil a small case with the emperor’s letter inside. Cecil picked it up and began to read. And after a while, she slumped down.

“I originally had no plans of marrying, however, seeing that there is no successor, the people think I need to get married? And was chosen to draw lots? And what? I need a successor, so send a healthy well-bred princess? Who does he think he is? Is he some kind of beast?”

“H-hey! That’s the Emperor’s letter. Watch your mouth!”

“Do I look like I’m being careful now?”

Cecil threw the letter to the ground. King Navidan hurriedly handed it over to the marshall again.

“That’s why I think you should go anyway. I’m relieved to know that you have such a high spirited voice. Oh, my God! Come on. What are you doing? The princess is not ready to leave yet!”

“Since when did you treat me like a princess!”

“From today!”

At the king’s words, the servants dragged Cecil. Her brothers and sisters whom she met for the first time waved at her.

“I love you, Cecil. We’ll never forget you!”

“I’ll remember you, Cecil!”

“It was nice to meet you and let’s not see each other again!”

“Take care of your body!”

I don’t remember who’s who now!

Besides, is this what you’re gonna say to your half-sister who you met for the first time? She’d rather curse them!

Cecil glared at the princes and princesses with platinum blonde hair and green eyes identical to hers gave their messages as she was dragged away.

Cecil lifted her forefinger vigorously toward them.


‘That was a month ago.’

Cecil was immediately brought to the empire. And she had to study the etiquette and history of the Empire for a month at the mansion near the imperial palace. And what the emperor likes,  hates, even during the night.

All of the teachers who taught her sympathized with her.

“Please, survive.”


And today is the wedding day. The teachers. wiped the corner of their eyes with a handkerchief while seeing her off on the carriage.

It wasn’t like seeing off a bride to get married, but more like seeing off a dead person to a funeral.

‘I’m not dead yet!’

I’ll be dead soon though.

While in the mansion, she had heard a lot about the Emperor Estian. Most were stories about how often he killed people.

And she heard that the people of the empire were very curious how Cecil, who would soon become the emperor’s wife, will die in a matter of days.

While Cecil was thinking, the carriage stopped. When the imperial servants opened the door of the carriage, Countless soldiers were lined-up and fluttering petals were littered on the rolled out the red carpet. Cecil gulped at the sight.

I can’t believe I have to go to such a splendid death.

I was furious.

She lived a quiet life in the separate palace and was ready for her life to be sold. But isn’t it too much to send her to die like this?

Her anger rose against the kingdom of Navidan.

‘You think I’ll  let you get away with this while you live comfortably?’

If she was going to die anyway, she won’t happily die alone. I was going to take him down with me as much as I could.

“Lady Cecil?”

To Cecil, who did not get off the carriage, the emperor’s servant panickedly called out to her.

“Your Majesty is waiting. You have to get off…”

Cecil smiled.

Well, if I’m going to die, let’s do something outrageous before we kick the bucket. Cecil vowed with such determination.


“Pardon me?”

“I said no.”

“B-but that’s……”

Cecil smiled brightly as she watched the bewildered servant.

“If your Emperor does not come to personally pick me up, I will not take a single step.”

It was the beginning of madness.

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